GreenStuf Insulation

Warmer, Drier and Breathable

GreenStuf has provided Kiwi homeowners with warmer, drier and more breathable spaces since its inception in 1967.

GreenStuf Insulation

GreenStuf® is a thermal and acoustic insulation made from 100% polyester fibre. Proudly made for Kiwis by Kiwis, GreenStuf is made on a zero waste manufacturing line; every element—from packaging to product—is recyclable at the end of its life.

GreenStuf insulation is safe to touch, with no formaldehyde, Red List chemicals, or potential airborne fibres. Backed by a 50 year warranty, GreenStuf will never slump or settle overtime—unlike traditional insulation—ensuring your project is insulated for the future.

Our values: GreenStuf prides itself on our values. We have spent decades developing our spirit and derive our success from our Kiwi roots and manufacturing expertise.

1. Local and proud–GreenStuf is proudly made in New Zealand for Kiwi homes and buildings.

2. Performance–We have consistent high-quality products that are durable and contribute to better-built environments.

3. Sustainability–Building a healthier Aotearoa now and for generations to come. We are committed to creating products that are safe for kiwis and the environment.

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