Turn your expertise into CPD-accredited content

and spread your good word.

We’re taking architectural education by storm by bringing your voice, your passion and your expertise to the people who need it.

Education is the key

You have a lot of product knowledge to offer and the industry needs to hear it. We can help with that - and save you some money in the meantime.

Not only is Teulo a ADNZ, LBP, NZRAB, CPD Global Standards Provider and AIA CPD provider, we're also a content production service and ready-made community.

Here, you can create and list CPD-accredited content that will reach Registered Architects, AIA members, ADNZ and LBP in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


  • Share your expertise, boost credibility and become an industry leader
  • Build stronger relationships with architects and designers
  • Increase awareness of your brand and product to stand out from competitors
  • Expand you network and customer base
  • We make it really easy, cost-effective - and fun!

There are a few things registered architects, architectural designers and licensed building practitioners have in common. They like designing buildings and transforming spaces - to name a couple.

They’re also required to meet strict CPD specifications in order to practise their chosen trade, which means suppliers have the opportunity to showcase their products and industry expertise.

Lucky you, suppliers. We help by providing:

  • An engaged audience of thousands of registered architects and building professionals
  • A dedicated education channel for your company to communicate the benefits of your product to the right people without being 'salesy'
  • CPD Presentation, webinar and podcast workshops where you learn how to craft high-impact content that is fun, engaging and targeted to your audience.
  • CPD accreditation for content that meets the required learning outcomes
  • Your own reporting dashboard with insights into your listing on Teulo

The delivery of online learning is a universal challenge.

Teulo serves the architectural industry by way of providing CPD education online

Antoni Rajwer Technical Specification Manager ANZ - DuPont Ltd


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Your location shouldn’t stop you from reaching the global masses.

We’ve got just the solution.

These exclusive online curated events invite thought-leaders and game-changers (that’s you) to share their new approaches and innovations to a targeted global audience of architects and designers. Hosted by an MC, all presentations will be CPD-accredited so you can reach the masses from the comfort of your own home. Our attendance for our online events are an average of 420 across the day.

Stage fright is no excuse.

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Let’s keep it casual. Welcome to Teulo Chats.

Bigger isn’t always better. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to present and discuss your latest innovation and new approaches with a highly engaged group of industry professionals. Who knows? You might even learn something from them.

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CPD learning never sounded so good. Listen up, this is Teulo Pods.

Want to translate your expertise into audio and get inside a targeted audience’s head? We can help you create a Teulo Pod series. You’ll be music to their ears.

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Get Behind The Mic!
Michele Saee Teulo

Teulo is overspilling with the energy and vision needed to lead the discipline of architecture to new heights of innovation and responsibility. With poise and grace, and an ease in communication, they pull together amazing people. I have been blown away by their commitment to excellence, and remarkably they seem to pull off such professional and crisp productions while making it all look so easy. I will certainly feel their efforts and support for a long time to come.

Catie Newell - Alibi Studio Teulo Talks Speaker