Sustainability, Acoustics, Coatings and Innovations in Technology

Part Two

In this CPD webinar you will hear from two industry experts from Rommel and Autex.

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Dyann Stewart


Talk topic: Modern Technology in construction

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation and technological advancements are crucial in transforming the construction industry.

With the help of modern technology, builders and contractors can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve long-term quality assurance for their projects.

From drones and thermal imaging to onsite façade water testing and non-invasive electronic leak detection, the possibilities for innovation in construction are endless.

As the industry continues to evolve, embracing new technologies and staying up-to-date with the latest onsite quality assurance trends is essential to remain competitive and succeed in the construction market.

  • Learn how new adverse weather patterns play a critical role in the uptake of construction innovation and technology improvements
  • Learn how 1970s technology has become the norm for NZ construction and why new technology improves leak detection practices
  • Understand the benefits of advancements in on-site water testing procedures for quality assurance best practice.


Dev Pokhrel

Name: NZ Autex Sustainability Presentation


Our mission as a responsible and sustainable business is to positively impact our environment, our people, and the next generation. We are committed to developing and upholding sustainable practices. We would love to take this opportunity to share with you our sustainability strategy, our goals, actions and achievements, and our strategic focus for the future.


  • Learn about our commitment to sustainability in our strategy, goals, actions, and achievements
  • Gain an understanding of carbon neutrality and how our products comply
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