Cladding Performance and Thermal Protection

Part One: 27 April 2022

Teulo Ed will present five speakers from the building and construction industry who will discuss a range of topics around Cladding performance and thermal protection.

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Teulo Ed

Event Description

Hosted by Teulo

MC Peter Raimondo, Oculus Architectural Engineering Ltd

Alex McGregor

GreenStuf Insulation

10.15am - 11.15am

Thermal protection is all about providing the homeowner or office worker a space in which they feel thermally comfortable. The environmental impact of doing so in an underperforming space will continue to grow reliance on using energy heat in the winter and cool in the summer and therefore increasing the sector’s already large carbon emissions. The recent MBIE changes to clause H1 are designed to increase the energy efficiency of our homes by 40% and of our commercial buildings by 23%. This leads to less reliance on our heat pumps and air conditioning units and the flow on effect on our health sector by having MBIE have implemented the first lot of changes to Clause H1 but increasing the thermal performance standards of concrete slabs, wall systems, roof systems and all glazing. We will discuss some of the changes, what that means to architects and designers and how an ecosystem of NZ manufacturers is working together to provide spaces which cost a lot less to feel comfortable to work, learn and live in.

Mike Olds

Resene Construction Systems

11.15am - 12.15pm

Mike will discuss cladding performance and thermal performance in relation to both interiors and exterior finishes.

12.15pm - 1pm - LUNCH BREAK

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