Oculus Architectural Engineering Ltd

Oculus is changing how building enclosures are designed and constructed in New Zealand.

Oculus Architectural Engineering Ltd

Oculus is a group of passionate enclosure/façade engineers on a mission to provide guidance and resources to design buildings to be able to keep the inside in and the outside out with comfort, health and performance as top priority.

Oculus concentrates on the things that separate the inside from the outside to take the worries and unknowns out of detailing and compliance. More specifically, we check details, suggest assemblies, assess condensation risk, and use thermal modelling to ensure the interior will be comfortable and dry for the lifetime of the building.

We explain code compliance to councils while allowing you to work outside of the prescriptive E2/AS1 details and we help work through all the things that the code doesn’t specifically ask for, such as airtightness, overheating, thermal bridges, interstitial moisture, proper ventilation, and all the junctions between different products and assemblies. We ask the right questions and give complete answers to break down the barriers between the silos separating different disciplines to ensure the building will be as comfortable and energy efficient as possible as simply and economically as possible.

We empower our clients to think outside the box and consider internationally proven products and assemblies instead of just doing what has always been done, and we use our experience and expertise to ensure that the other consultants, contractor, and subbies are on board as well. We then provide supervision, advice, testing, and detailing through the construction phase to check and ensure that those assemblies get build properly the first time and will be durable long-term.

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