We look at various aspects of regenerative development and design.

A stellar line up to discuss all things regeneration

Regenerative design is a process-oriented whole systems approach to design encompassing practices that restore, renew or revitalize their sources of energy and materials.

Our upcoming Teulo Talks event, an exploration of Regenerative Design and Development, features a lineup of truly out-of-this-world thought leaders whose experience and knowledge are second to none. 

Architects and engineers globally have committed to taking action to address the on-going climate and biodiversity emergency, declaring regenerative design an invaluable tool in working towards re-establishing a harmonious relationship between human life and the ecosystems we rely on, but have taken for granted.

Our experts have been at the forefront of this movement, creating resilient and equitable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature; systems that have been used decade after decade. 

Caroline Pidcock is passionate about the importance of architecture and integrated design, and how they can contribute to a “culturally rich, socially just and ecologically restorative” future. Her genuine interest and experience in sustainable built environments has been developed and enhanced through her involvement in a diverse range of professional, academic and community commitments.

As a spokesperson for Australian Architects Declare A Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, Caroline will be discussing the importance of taking responsibility for action in our own lives and practices so that our buildings and cities are no longer the problem, but the catalyst towards the regeneration of the planet.

Michele Saee Teulo

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Hertha Hurnaus

Design-thinker, researcher, transformations architect, and leader of transdisciplinary initiatives, Dr. Stuart Cowan knows that to regenerate the built environment, ecosystems, and human communities - and the relationship between them all - we must regenerate finance itself.

Stuart will dive deep into practical, immediate ways of financing regenerative projects as well as large-scale regenerative communities and landscapes.

Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA, award-winning architect, author and speaker has spent more than a decade creating regenerative frameworks and a global movement around Biophilic Design.

Her passion and work centres around harmonising the relationship between people and nature, and she will make the case for why we must address climate change by reconciling that relationship, with a focus on designing buildings that allow all ecosystems to thrive. 

Michele Saee Teulo

These individuals are mighty impressive, and as if you needed any further temptation to save your seat, they will be joined by an additional three, equally as impressive experts on event day!

If regenerative design has piqued your interest, you'll want to check out the Teulo Talks video.

Check out the Teulo Talk - Morning Session

Check out the Teulo Talk - Afternoon Session

Michele Saee Teulo

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