XLam efficient building solutions: The advantages of modern methods of construction.


MTC is used as a substitute for steel reinforced concrete, solid section tilt-slab concrete, and steel framing. However, more frequently, the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is assembled alongside more traditional construction materials.

XLam offers a total solutions package including design, manufacturing, off-site solutions and assembly services. Every project is unique and XLam understands the requirements of a fast, safe and sustainable construction process to ensure efficient delivery.

Our Story

In 2010, the Jack brothers pioneered their expert knowledge of engineered wood products to become the first ever Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. As a result, our first factory in Nelson, NZ became a success story. In 2016, Mayflower Enterprise acquired the Jack’s family holdings and XLam became a formal subsidiary of Mayflower. With the financial backing of our parent company, a second factory in Wodonga, Australia was setup and began processing jobs in March 2017.

In concert with the ownership change-over, XLam has developed several additional capabilities, including a world-class engineering and design business unit (fee-for-service offer) complimenting our on-site ‘construction services’ - assisting in the delivery of a total building solution for our clients Australia, New Zealand.

More recently, XLam has entered the Asia Pacific region and is currently promoting and delivering products and solutions to countries like Singapore. Our evolving business and internal capabilities makes XLam a formidable player in the mass timber construction market.


At XLam, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the first ever business to establish CLT products down under. Our ambition is to be the leading provider of sustainable building solutions throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond. Alongside this, we carry our new-found goal, to become a fully integrated solution provider. Focusing on our highly tenable and efficient methods, we strive to bestow original and expansive ways to design, manufacture and install XLam building solutions on every project.

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