Building with conscience

A building that lasts is built the right way: with the right materials, the right partners, and with the future in mind. Together we bring your projects to life – aesthetically, sustainably and functionally.


Synonymous with render, Sto is a company with worldwide experience in exterior facades, renders and coatings, that have built a reputation for providing compliant, weathertight and highly durable exterior rendered facade systems, complemented with a range of textured finishes.

At Sto, we understand the importance of reliable and resilient building materials and systems, especially in New Zealand's tough environmental conditions: Sto Render and Facade Systems are tested by BRANZ for the New Zealand Building industry; We're committed to providing exceptional service, specification and detailing to support projects and designers; All work is Installed by our experienced network of Sto Registered Contractors (Licensed Building Practitioner), with the added protection of the StoWarranty with StoService Assurance program. Protecting you and the property investment.

Guided by our philosophy "Building with conscience", Sto Systems are designed to contribute to the overall sustainability of a project. Benefits include; protection and extended life-cycle of building facades, reduction of maintenance requirements, healthy-living environments and well-being.

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