How to claim your continuing professional development points

When you attend a Teulo Talks, tune in to a Teulo Pod, or even spend time learning in the Delve, you may be eligible to register for CPD points.

Architects, Designers and Building professionals attending our events.

First, Attend the event.

Sign up to reserve your spot at our event livestream. Don’t forget to include your license number! If you don’t register, your attendance will not be recorded.

Second, Proof of attendance.

We recommend you keep your attendance confirmation email (sent following the event) as evidence of your attendance and learning activity.

*You may be asked to provide evidence of your learning activities. Your evidence of learning activities from attending a Teulo Talks event is the ‘Thank you for attending” email that you will receive after the event.

Hey Teulo Members!

If you are a member of the Teulo platform, your points will also be recorded against your member profile and you can download and submit to your relevant industry body. 

Michele Saee Teulo

NZRAB New Zealand Registered Architects Board

Your thank you for attending the email we sent will be proof for NZRAB, however if you have entered your NZRAB number when registering, your attendance will be sent directly to the NZRAB and the relevant points will be allocated to you.

NZRAB is responsible for the CPD policy, including points available for undertaking specific CPD activity.  The determination of how many points are allocated to an activity is undertaken by an independent subject matter expert in accordance with the NZRAB CPD policy.

CPD Standards Global 

If you are based in the UK, Europe and Asia etc - then you can request a certificate and will send it to you. 


AIA - Australian Institute of Architects 

Your thank you for attending the email we sent will be proof for AIA, however if you have entered your AIA number when registering, your attendance will be sent directly to them.

Self-directed Learning

Our platform gives you the opportunity to fulfill your ‘on-the-job learning’ requirement in a variety of ways. As a member of Teulo, accessing our library of resources, interviews and articles can earn you CPD points! Architectural Designers who belong to ADNZ - Architectural Designers New Zealand can apply for their points via self-directed learning.

Access your chosen resource

Tune in to Teulo Chats, listen to an episode of Teulo Pods, or dive deep into the Delve!

Complete the corresponding CPD quiz

They’re short and sweet but we have to be sure you paid attention! 

Sit back and relax while we allocate your points!

As a Teulo Member, your points are allocated to your profile as you earn them! 

Please speak to your respective Association for clarity over the developments points allocation for advice to meet the specific requirements of your relevant association.

The above is given as a general guide only.

Michele Saee Teulo