What role does eco-centrism play in your design process

We talk to Gianluca Santosuosso from UOOU Studio

DK interviews London-based Italian architect and designer, Gianluca Santosuosso, Co-Founder of the London and Amsterdam-based UOOU studio.

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UOOU Studio is working to create environments which inspire connections. Gianluca discusses how they are doing this. He also delves into what eco-centrism plays in their design process.

Gianluca is passionate about building future cities as large-scale carbon sinks. Gianluca explains what might be real world implications of this, if we could achieve it?

Technology is really important to UOOU Studio. Gianluca explains that his work uses advanced technologies to create man-made living organisms. He explains how this process works and how they are using technology to make buildings smarter.

We discuss UOOU'S London office and how Gianluca run the London office and his co-founder Eri is running the Amsterdam office. He delves into how this impacts the way they design and collaborate. There are often unique design considerations for each geographical area. There is a strong theme of inclusion and cultural diversity in UOOU's work. Gianluca tells us what inspires him to prioritise this and how these considerations impact their designs.

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