Integrating Innovation

Part One

Design professionals can no longer be content to keep pace with rapid technological changes and the current revolution in design and construction processes.

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Instead, we are being called to lead these revolutions by engaging in design research, setting high standards for building performance and, most importantly, integrating advanced technologies into our workflows to address the social, environmental and economic challenges facing our communities. The need for creative thinking is more urgent than ever before and with innovative solutions at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to unlock a sustainable and equitable future through the built environment.

Oana Taut


title: Generative Design for the rest of us

abstract: The topic of Generative Design appears in talks and social media posts regularly. Often accompanied with overly curved or complex surfaces and facades designs in a style that we come to refer to as parameticism (as coined in 2008 by Patrik Schumacher) it is easy to disregard the use of this technique when dealing with the more pragmatic architectural tasks that make up 90% of the workload of most offices.

This talk will offer a more inclusive and style agnostic view of parametric design, as a prerequisite for generative design, and show how both methods can be used in practice to improve efficiency and quality of service. We will then provide a framework for the implementation of parametric workflows in your practice, without sacrificing style or buildability.

Richard Simon

Applied Wayfinding

Talk topic: Helping millions of people make smarter decisions, that benefit individuals, society and the environment.

The problem of changing behaviour is really complex. You can’t crack a complex problem with a simplistic solution. It requires a sophisticated solution that looks really simple. Applied Wayfinding will talk about their projects and discuss infrastructure and design in relation to the environment and the way people go about their lives.

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