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In this session, we delve into the future of wood and understanding modern combustion.

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Teulo Ed

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10.15am - 11.15am

Sarah Buckley

Abodo Wood

The Future of Wood

How technology is enabling our highly regenerative Radiata Pine resource to be used for high performing building applications and the positive impact that is having on the environment.

11.15am - 12.15pm

Richard Miller


Understanding modern combustion heating.

Escea Fireplace Company’s CPD presentation gets to the point of heating emissions. It encourages you to think about combustion forms of heating and how design choice effects the ongoing stainability of our homes.

Choices between open fronted, direct vent or sealed chamber fires is investigated to help understand how these different types of fires can impact operational emissions in a home.

The efficiency and design freedom created by powerflued fires is recognize for its ability to open up new horizons for the installation of fires in a medium density world.

Cladding choice and the ability of a wide range of materials to meet with modern fireplace design is discussed to highlight the way to understand building materials and the interaction at play when you want to incorporate flames into furniture.

Richard Miller’s passion for good design outcomes comes from over 22 years in the design, specification and fireplace industries. His deep understanding of fireplace design has come from nine years of specifying thousands of Wood, Electrical and Gas fires with his Dunedin based team.

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