Sustainability and the Future of Construction

Part One

We will hear from two presenters from the building and construction industry on all things related to Sustainability and the future of construction.

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Teulo Ed

Event Description

10.15am - 11.15am

Rhys Arrowsmith


Talk topic: Environmental factors that are relevant for flooring

  • The key environmental factors that are relevant for flooring
  • How to ask for and assess sustainability claims from suppliers
  • Recognising the best environmental certifications, such as EPDs

11.15am - 12.15pm

Alex Holly

Omega Windows and Doors

Talk topic: Environmental and social sustainability, definitions and the importance of both.

Embodied carbon, what is it? And how do we reduce it when designing a building?

How does the emissions trading scheme work?

Carbon sequestration, different types and the associated challenges.

How healthier homes and sustainable building practices can help with social sustainability.

How the changes to H1 will help make our homes healthier and more efficient in the context of windows and doors.

The importance of recycling our non-renewable resources.

The aluminium recycling process at McKechnie, and how we are constantly improving our added embodied carbon numbers.

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