Roofing, Membranes, Facades + Waterproofing

Part One

You will hear from two presenters from the building and construction industry on all things related to Roofing, Waterproofing, Membranes and Facades.

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Presented By

Teulo Ed

Event Description

Shane Hart

Insol NZ Ltd

Façade testing – why it is required and how it is done. We will be covering off some of the typical façade testing methods and standards including a focus on wind tunnel testing.

David Eccles-Hall

Roofing Industries

David’s talk is on Roofing Industries Eurostyle spanlok, which is based on the European tray cladding, we will be covering material option through to the installation and talking about getting the structure right for this type of cladding unsupported, where normally eurostyle cladding has been supported by a plywood substrate to relied on. Fewer problems mean reduced costs to the contractor and reduced frustration for all parties involved.

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