New Innovations and Technologies in Construction

Part Two

Hear from saveBOARD and Starke Windows and Doors in this session about New Innovations and Technologies in Construction.

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Paul Charteris


Talk topic:

Talk topic: Circular Economy Building Products – what do they really look like?

Summary: Recycling doesn’t make something circular, it’s just one small piece of creating a circular product; 1) that has a use and has end of life solution, 2) a collection or take back programme 3) that can then be reused or recycled, remanufactured into a new product. There are lots of companies now saying they have a circular product, however a number of them are relying on others to create that circle. Paul will talk about saveBOARD’s journey to date, not only from bringing the technology to New Zealand, but the effort required to put in place the systems and processes to ensure our product is a circular economy solution.

Benjy Simmons

Starke Windows and Doors

Talk topic: Rapid Change and Improvement in Window Joinery

The New Zealand construction industry is at the start of a period of extremely rapid change and improvement, as we pull out all the stops to achieve our climate goals… and window joinery is one of the foremost areas of change. There’s not only innovative new products & methods, but also new software packages which make building better far easier than ever before!

  • Learn about newly available window & door systems, & the pros and cons
  • Discover the do’s and don’ts of window installation practises
  • Understand the importance of building modelling, and the software packages making this easier and cheaper than ever before
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