Upcoming event: Carbon Management + Designing for Climate Change

Part One

We have two presenters from the building and construction industry discussing topics that surround all things to do with Carbon management and designing for climate change.

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Charles Hendricks

Project Floors

10.15am - 11.15am

Talk topic: Carbon Zero and Flooring design for a sustainable future,

The key aspect on how flooring assist in delivering a cleaner Environment. Selecting the correct flooring for each application ensuring fit for purpose while focusing on design, durability and the environment impact of the selection from the production, shipping, installation methodology, the life of the product. How important is visual design in the reduction of Carbon footprint. What does the future hold for a greener New Zealand

Chris Ross


11.15am - 12.15pm

Green Roof Benefits Far Exceed Sustainability

Green roof offers a return on investment beyond the environmental benefits. Building owners, architects and city planners are turning to sustainable construction for more than just a carbon footprint reduction and focusing on longer-term investments that brings long term benefit. Green roofs are one way to do just that, investing in infrastructure that will bring multiple benefits for decades to come.

Upcoming event: Teulo Ed: Carbon Management + Designing for Climate Change: Part One image

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