Building Envelope, Thermal and Interiors

Part Two

We will hear from two presenters from the building and construction industry on all things related to Building Envelope, Thermal and Interiors.

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Teulo Ed

Event Description

Benjy Simmons

Starke Windows

The New Zealand construction industry is at the start of a period of extremely rapid change and improvement, as we pull out all the stops to achieve our climate goals… and the building envelope is the most critical element for energy usage, and therefore operational carbon.

  • Gain a deep understanding of just how critical the building envelope is, and how to improve it, and how to measure it
  • Discover common thermal bridges letting your building envelope down
  • Understand the importance of building modelling, and the software packages making this easier and cheaper than ever before

Charles Hendricks

Project Floors

Charles will discuss some options in terms of their flooring with a focus on their new innovations in environmentally friendly component and looking at how they use waste in their new flooring products. We turn nylon waste into prime material for industrial manufacturing.

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