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We learn from some of the best in the industry to delve into the alpine environment, rammed earth, parametric architecture and 3D fabrication.

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Justin Wright from Assembly Architects + Daniel Gudsell from Abodo Wood

Crafting the Cardona Cabin

Justin and Daniel discuss the inspiration behind the Cardona Cabin – a landmark building in the middle of Wanaka’s Cardrona Valley. The building, designed to be a modern reinterpretation of a Central Otago shepherds hut showcases some of New Zealand’s finest “home grown” materials, craftsmanship and design.

Bryce Dunlop podcast with Daniel Gudsell and live Q+A

Builder Bryce Dunlop discusses construction in an alpine environment, along with the challenges it poses on materials. Bryce explains the issues he faced building Cardrona Cabin – set in New Zealand’s Central Otago alpine region.

Bryce also touches on a rammed earth project he has completed, along with the challenges around reducing construction waste on building sites.

Interview with Hamid Hassanzadeh from Parametric Architecture

DK interviews Hamid Hassanzadeh about his love of parametric architecture and mixed used technologies.

Riyad Joucka from MEAN

Riyad Joucka (BArch, MArch AA) is an award-winning Architect, Designer, and Entrepreneur, based in Dubai. He is the Founder of MEAN* ‘Middle East Architecture Network’; an Innovative Architecture Practice, and its synergistic counterpart, MEAL* ‘Middle East Architecture Lab’, An Experimental Design Repository.

Riyad gained professional experience at international offices in the Middle East, Hong Kong, and New York. His built work features complex structures, building technologies, and contextual design that is at the nexus of technology, material research, and computation. Riyad's projects have been widely internationally published and exhibited on prestigious platforms and presented to notable organizations worldwide. He collaborated with notable brands, such as Apple, and Audi. Riyad studied architecture in Canada and the UK, where he obtained his Master's of Architecture at the AA School of Architecture in London.

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