Healthy Homes + High Performance Buildings

Part Two : 26 January 2022

Join us for a session on all things related to a healthy and high performance home or commercial building.

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Presented By

Teulo and Peter Raimondo

Event Description

1pm - 2pm

Dr Kara Rosemeier

Director of the Passive House Institute


Kara Rosemeier is the author of/Positive Energy Homes/ (with Robin Brimblecombe), a board member of the Passive House Institute New Zealand, leads the Passive House Academy New Zealand and teaches building science.

Previously, she has been the director of an engineering consultancy, advised federal state government in Germany on matters of building energy efficiency, supported private clients on Passive House design, and supervised hundreds of retrofit projects. She holds a PhD in domestic air quality and ventilation, a Masters in Planning Practice (Hons) and a Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) in Architecture.

What is a healthy home, how do you know you live in one, what is the

role of designers in the provision of healthy homes, and how does

Passive House fit in?

2pm - 3pm

Peter Raimondo 

Oculus Architectural Systems 

We use science to design better buildings. Our team has expertise in the design of roofs, walls, windows, and waterproofing to make sure the outside stays out and the inside stays in. We work closely with architects to deliver weather-tight, cost effective, energy efficient, warm, dry buildings.

A certified passive house is comfortable to live in all year round, 24 hours a day, in all rooms throughout the house in all rooms. The surface temperatures of walls, windows and ceilings are all designed to prevent condensation and mould growth, with no draughts or wind rushing through your home.

The internal environment is maintained at between 20-25 degC, and constant, filtered and tempered fresh air is brought into the home to manage humidity and internal contaminants.

This comfortable and healthy home environment is maintained at an energy cost of just 15kWh/m2/year, or for a typical house about $650 a year.

It turns out that designing to Passive House standards for apartment buildings in Auckland isn’t that difficult. In fact, it can be more cost effective than complying with the government’s healthy housing standards, and results in a far healthier building than what the these standards do.

It just means we should be designing and building differently to what is normally done in New Zealand.

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