Technology, Technique, Techné: Creation vs Contingency

Part Two

We explore different technologies that are helping to shape the built environment with a special focus on the circular economy in this session.

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CPD Points

25.00 NZRAB Points 3.25 CPD Standards Global Points 1.00 Australian QLD - NSW - TAS - WA Points 1.00 Australian CPD ACT-SA-NT Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 1 Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2 + 3 Points 2.00 RIBA - The Royal Institute of British Architects Points

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Teulo Talks and DK

Event Description

Introducing Ged Finch from X-Frame and Daniel Gudsell from Abodo Wood. This podcast is all about the circular economy and ways to reduce construction waste in the built environment. There is a Q+A with both Ged and Daniel at the end of the podcast.

Bart Brichau from Renson talks about the importance of creating healthy spaces, the impact of ventilation on that, as well as how to make sure we design buildings that allow people to spend more time outside.


Ged Finch from XFrame

Daniel Gudsell from Abodo Wood

Bart Brichau from Renson

Learning outcomes and AACA competencies:

  1. Design: Schematic Design 

4.2 Evaluation of design options against values of physical , environmental and cultural contexts. 

4.3 Application of creative  imagination aesthetic judgement to produce  coherent design 

4.6 Investigation and integration of appropriate material selection for the project design. 

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