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What if, at the core of every project, we considered the relationship between location and geography, cultural contingencies, and our next innovative move at the very beginning?

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Creating architecture from architecture, taking advantage of the life a space has already lived brings a new energy, perspective and material element to any undertaking - and more architects are turning to this approach to preserve historical significance as well as the planet. By adapting, reusing and rebuilding, we minimise carbon emissions, reduce material wastage and preserve history by engineering a platform for buildings to tell their story amongst what is often radical urban change . Join us live on November 19th at another Teulo Talks for an incredible look at reconstruction from around the world!

9am - 10am

Dimitar Gamizov

SmartVoll Architects 


Dimitar is a Bulgarian architect based in Vienna, Austria. He has been part of the smartvoll team since 2015. Dimitar or Mitko, as everybody calls him, graduated from the Technical University of Vienna in 2019. The focus of his Master Thesis was Resuscitation of industrial wastelands. He believes that the decisions architects make can have a huge impact on building a more sustainable world. He loves to take photos not only of the company projects, but also as a hobby in his free time.

Talk topic:  

Dimitar will present two small and two large scale projects on the topic of build in the existing. You will see the challenges smartvoll had while designing and building them and their research on the topic of adaptive reuse. Spoiler alert: One of the projects saved 0,5% of the annual waste of Austria, just because a decision was made not to demolish the existing structure. 

10am - 11am

Stephan Markus Albrecht 



Stephan Markus Albrecht is the Director of his new studio sma and his studio investigates into timber technology. Stephan also teaches digital workflows at University of Biberach and University of Kärnten.

The future is now! Embrace transformation, shape the change

Whilst digitization is finding its way into almost all areas of life, including the construction industry, our world is facing tremendous challenges: Economic, social and environmental. Buildings cause almost 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. The construction industry has to change!  

Disruptive technologies are displacing traditional business models: Digital innovations are becoming increasingly important. Open source platforms enable processes to be designed right from the start in order to create resilient spatial structures with individualized, highly customized tools. The digital opens up new scope for the creative towards a sustainable circular future.

Timber is understood to be the construction material of the 21st century, replacing steel and concrete. Timber is a more sustainable material, while at the same time new technologies such as CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) make it also highly efficient and easy to automate. Timber housing developments are becoming more and more present. But can we also think about timber construction for more complex building types? 

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