Mass Timber and Material Form

Part One: June 2020

We go into all things to do with Mass Timber with a focus on global projects and hone in on material formations with clay.

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Event Description

Do Janne Vermeulen - Team V Architectur

9am - 10am

Do Janne Vermeulen is architect/director of Team V Architecture in Amsterdam, one of the fastest growing architectural firms in the Netherlands.

She is responsible for award winning designs; for example HAUT – one of the tallest timber hybrid buildings in the world.

In addition, Do Janne gives lectures worldwide, is a regular chairman or jury member at awards, involved in architecture programs, and a member of the Spatial Quality Committee in Amsterdam.

Do Janne Vermuelen will discuss Mass Timber and Team Architectur approach to design.

Rhett Russo - Designer

10am - 11am

John Rhett Russo is a designer, educator and a maker of objects.

He currently serves as the Undergraduate Chair in Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Rhett Russo’s design practice explores ambiguous processes of material formations from grains, slabs, sheets, slips, semi-plastic mediums and other matter with cryptic behaviors.

Things that appear cryptic, cannot be faithfully represented, repeated or reproduced.

Learning how these processes participate in design and fabrication of objects is part of gaining access to new territories for architecture that are often dormant, or inaccessible to normalized productions.

By developing architectural assemblies informed by the specific properties of ceramics and traits encrypted through technology, Rhett explores ways that the peculiar nature of objects initiate new workflows and realities.

Tom Chung - Leers Weinzapfel

11am - 12pm

Tom will be discussing his projects - particularly the UMAS project - The University of Massachusetts.

He will also discuss mass timber and the technical processes to utilising mass timber. 

Mass Timber Architecture – Sustainability, Digital Fabrication & Spatial Experience 

  • Mass Timber - What, Why and How 
  • Case Study: UMass Design Building
  • Mass Timber in Academic Building
  • Versatility of Mass Timber (originally designed as a steel building)
  • Components of mass timber structural system
  • Case Study: Adohi Hall, University of Arkansas
  • Mass Timber in Housing
  • Importance of Modularity
  • Weaving architecture and landscape
  • On the boards: Projects in progress

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Learning outcomes and AACA competencies:

4. Design: Schematic Design 

  • 4.2 Evaluation of design options against values of physical , environmental and cultural contexts. 
  • 4.3 Application of creative  imagination aesthetic judgement to produce  coherent design 
  • 4.6 Investigation and integration of appropriate material selection for the project design. 

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