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Kinesthetics constitute a layer of experience which, while ephemeral and barely conscious, is deeply informative of the conception and configuration of building space.

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Teulo Talks and DK

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Kinesthetics constitute a layer of experience which, while ephemeral and barely conscious, is deeply informative of the conception and configuration of building space. Experience architecture like no other and join us in looking deeper into the elements that give our spaces life at Teulo Talks: Kinesthesia.

Barbara Bestor 

Bestor Architecture 


Bestor Architecture has actively redefined Los Angeles architecture with a practice that rigorously engages the city through design, art, and urbanism. The practice explores the architectural form through experiments in spatial arrangements, graphics, and color, which is evident in projects from custom residences to headquarters for international companies. Founded by Barbara Bestor, FAIA in 1995, Bestor Architecture has designed a number of award-winning projects including headquarters for Beats by Dre, Snap, Inc., and technology pioneers, Blackbirds, a groundbreaking typology for dense housing in Echo Park, and a variety of experimental residences and commercial establishments. The varied, creative, and aesthetically progressive body of work expands the territory of architecture into atmospheric urbanism. 

Recent projects include the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, which creates a vibrant musical haven by inserting an internal urban village within the shell of a classic Hollywood warehouse, a new winery and event center in Napa, and headquarters for multiple high tech firms.

Talk Topic: Housing

Barbara will discuss housing, with a particular focus on remodelling the city and working in an environment like LA that has big urban issues. She will discuss community and how to create one within this new housing realm. She will introduce our audience to a few of her projects in particular ashes and diamonds, the houses, silvertop, and her interior workplace projects!

India Mitchell 

K20 Architecture 

Talk topic: Beyond Zero

k20 Architecture is a practice focused on sustainability at its core. Our vision as both architects and members of the community is to see humanity living and working beyond zero. Using examples of our studio’s operations and our past and current projects, India will discuss the concept of beyond zero, the important role that architects play in reducing carbon footprints, and how this can be implemented in architectural design and everyday practice.

Karolina_ONLY IF 

Talk Topic:

Podcast with DK and Karolina from ONLY IF

Podcast title: Architecture and Urbanism

We talk to Karolina Czeczek, Architect and Principal of award-winning, New York-based design practice for architecture and urbanism, Only If about approaching any project.

Karolina began her studies at Krakow University in Poland before becoming licensed in the Netherlands and spending 3 years working as an architect for OMA between Rotterdam and Hong Kong.  She relocated to the US in 2013 where she received her M.Arch from Yale.  She is currently a Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and Architect and Principal at New York-based firm, Only If.

The ambition of this process is to create clarity and distill simplicity within often-complex circumstances and constraints. Rather than imposing additional regimes of complexity, we believe the role of the designer is to envision simple gestures and forms that impose structure, coherence, and identity. We believe in the potential of simple shapes and geometries—like circles and squares—framing and shaping underlying uncertainties and complexities.

Learning outcomes and AACA competencies:

Design: Conceptual Design 

3.2 Application of creative imagination, aesthetic judgement ans critical evaluation in formulating design options. 

Design: Schematic Design 

4.1  Evaluation of design options in relation to project requirements 

Documentation: Detailed Design 

5.1 Application of creative imagination and aesthetic judgement in producing a resolved project design 

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