Invisible Green

Part Two: 22nd October 2021

At the core of every building is an anticipation of the future.

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Teulo Talks and DK

Event Description

11.30AM - 12.10PM 

Construction Waste Podcast 

Ged Finch and Daniel Gudsell 

TALK TOPIC: Construction waste

What can we do to minimise?

What is the circular economy and how can we reuse or minimise construction waste?

Daniel Gudsell and PHD student Ged Finch discuss Circular Economy’s role in construction. Ged explains the concept of functional value and abundance along with the use of buildings as  “material banks” for the future. Ged outlines a future where construction materials manufacturers collaborate to create standardised systems, and the embodied energy of the materials used is transparent.

12.10PM - 1.10PM 

Flip Homes 

Eli Nuttall > Director: First Light Architects 

TALK TOPIC: Designing with connection to land and people 

First Light Studio Director, Eli Nuttall has built a career out of challenging the way we build. Having gained his Master of Architecture from Victoria University of Wellington / Te Herenga Waka in 2012, Eli continues to explore alternative ways of building in his role as lead designer at FLiP Homes.

FLiP Homes is a collaborative enterprise committed to delivering healthier homes to more people. Homes that are designed to address today’s issues of environment, community, land supply and affordability.

In his talk, Eli will provide a history of the work he’s been involved with at First Light Studio as a precursor to establishing FLiP Homes in 2019. Through experiences in pre-designed housing projects emerged a passion for a complete design to build service, one that is strongly design-led and committed to the building of healthy homes.

For FLiP, a healthy home is defined by three core values; you, your site, and building science. Eli will present some of the healthy homes FLiP have completed to date as well as a handful that are currently on the drawing board.

AACA Learning outcomes and objectives:

Design: Conceptual Design 

3.2 Application of creative imagination, aesthetic judgement ans critical evaluation in formulating design options. 

Design: Schematic Design 

Evaluation of design options in relation to project requirement

Documentation: Detailed Design 

5.1 Application of creative imagination and aesthetic judgement in producing a resolved project design 

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