High Performance Design

Part Two

Whether it’s maximising versatility, ensuring longevity, embracing a unique perspective or utilising a never before seen approach, the world of high performing architecture is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered.

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Event Description

As architects, we are given the unique opportunity to envision a space that does not currently exist; to create spaces that look to the future, that exceed expectations and that transcend aesthetics, budget and, most excitingly, the status quo.  Average design addresses the here and now, with solutions entrenched in current performance needs, predictability and meeting basic code requirements, while design excellence asks the question, what if? Whether it’s maximising versatility, ensuring longevity, embracing a unique perspective or utilising a never before seen approach, the world of high performing architecture is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. For a conversation rooted in experiences from across the globe, featuring experts who have made it their life’s work to ask “what if?” join us on December 3rd for our final Teulo Talks event of the year: High Performance Design.

Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena 

Escher GuneWardena 


The extraordinary range of projects of Escher GuneWardena Architecture – small, conceptually rigorous projects; ecologically and socially innovative urban design proposals; and work in the fields of contemporary art and architectural history – reflects the broad cultural interests of the firm’s principals, Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena. They frequently collaborate with internationally known contemporary artists, thinkers, consultants, and cultural institutions such as the MAK Center, The Eames Foundation, and The Getty Conservation Institute.

Escher GuneWardena addresses issues of sustainability, affordability, the relationship between form and construction, seeking to establish simple formal manifestations of the complexities of each project. Recent residential projects include the Jamie Residence, the Sola/Wright Residence, and the House with Five Corners. Work on historic structures includes restoration of John Lautner’s Chemosphere as well as of his personal residence, Phase 1 restoration work at the Eames House, restoration of Paul R. Williams’s personal residence, restoration of Gregory Ain’s Greene Residence, and an extensive restoration of A. Quincy Jones’s historic Pilot House.

Their work was recognized in the 2003 National Design Triennial, and in OPEN HOUSE: Intelligent Living.

Talk topic:

Frank and Ravi are thinking for their talk they would give a very brief overview of their practice with a focus on historic preservation projects. These include many current or recent projects such as: John Lautner's Chemosphere, restoration of Lautner's personal residence, Eames preservation, Gregory Ain house restoration, A.Q. Jones's Pilot House, restoration of Paul R. Williams's personal residence, and more.

Mariana Cabugueira Podcast 

Zaha Hadid Architects London 

NZRAB CPD: 5 Points 

ADNZ CPD: 0.5 Points 


Zaha Hadid Architects 

Talk topic: 

Mariana grew up in Portugal before settling in London.  Mariana explains how this has helped to shape her work. Mariana discusses the various design opportunities she has been able to explore in the UK and internationally that she might not have in the Portuguese industry.

Mariana discusses the opportunities and challenges she explores when working with parametric, generative and digital design.  The work Mariana does as Senior Architect Designer at Zaha Hadid is specifically in the International Competitions and Commissions High-End Design cluster. She explains what it is that draws you to the competitive side of architecture.

One of Marianas competition-winning projects is Tower C, one of two twin towers now in construction in a new tech district of Shenzhen, China. Mariana tells us about the concept behind the design and where she is now in the build process.

In addition to Mariana's professional practice, she also teaches Maya Audodesk at Architectural Association’s Design Research Lab.  Mariana explains what is it that makes Maya such a powerful tool for emerging professionals.

Benjy Simmons


Benny talks about high performing windows and joinery with a great introduction to UPVC.

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