Emerging Pros and Superhomes

Part two

So what does it take to raise standards so that all new homes are healthier and more energy efficient, while also promoting environmental, economic, and socially sustainable practices?

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The result is that most kiwis will end up living in houses that are unhealthy and costly to run due to inefficient design, building, and poor quality building materials.

Jahmayne Robin - Middleton

Warren and Mahoney

Talk topic: “Real co-design is when you bring your tools to the table with mana whenua”

Jahmayne will discuss design and the importance of the people, culture and incorporating that into design.

Chiara Shim Podcast

Warren and Mahoney

Chiara Shim is an emerging professional and Architectural Graduate at Warren and Mahoney. Her specific interest area is Generative Design and AI and she is applying these technologies across W&M’s portfolio.

Questions that are covered in the podcast:

  • Architectural Graduate is a role that has changed a lot over the last decade or two. Can you share a bit about what this entails for you at Warren and Mahoney?
  • One of the major projects you’ve worked on since joining the practice in 2020 is the Archives New Zealand building in Wellington. Can you tell us a bit about the project and your contribution to it?
  • Your work challenges some of our traditional ideas around what architecture is. How have you seen the field evolve since you started your studies and what new opportunities would you like to see for the next generation of architects?
  • As an emerging professional, what are some of the ideas or technologies that you’re excited about exploring as your career evolves?
  • Generative Design and AI are a key focus area for you. How are you bringing these technologies into Warren and Mahoney projects?
  • You’re also teaching digital technologies through Warren and Mahoney’s Digital Design Group. What are some of the things you’re exploring together?
  • What do you wish more people understood about Architectural Graduates?
  • What’s next for you and Warren and Mahoney?
  • Any calls to action? How can people learn more and connect with your work?

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