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We go into all things to do with Emerging Technologies with a focus on 3D fabrication and computational design.

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9am - 10am

Catie Newell - Alibi Studio and Taubman College 


This presentation focuses on material research and architectural works that investigate and capture knowledge about spatial shifts from day to night. With an interest in the perceptual implications of darkness, I experiment with shifts in light and lack thereof, embracing its potential with acute awareness of both its material realities and immaterial effects.

In some of my work, darkness is paired with a necessary source of illumination, while at other times its addition to, and containment within, a space is part of the desired effect. In yet other works, its presence is cast in formal ambiguities.

These reworked fragments of space, volume and site comprise intimate and jarring environments that reveal unusual tectonic qualities in the midst of familiar typological forms.

I use darkness and nightfall as architectural materials with which to create new and unexpected forms, heightening our experience of the nocturnal lives of our surroundings.

The works discussed will include: Eclipse, Secret Sky, Specimen, and ongoing research

10am - 11am 

Virginia San Fratello - Emerging Objects 


Virginia will discuss 3D environments in relation to the built environment and how with the use of mixed technology you can encapsulate a vision for amazing architectural solutions.

Emerging objects expertise in material development will be showcased and discussion around different materials used in the 3D print environment.

Virginia will discuss the various additive manufacturing techniques SLS, FDM, 3DP, LOM and more and introduce new methods that are not widely used in the world of 3D printing.

Virginia is occupied with trying to design buildings that people would want to live in. 

11am - 12pm 

Roland Snooks - Studio Roland Snooks


Roland Snooks explores the complexity of the contemporary social and natural world through the creation of objects, installations, public art and architectural projects.

This work draws on an understanding of the underlying processes of formation that give rise to these contemporary conditions.

The studio redeploys these processes through algorithmic techniques in the creation of highly detailed and intricate forms. We have a fascination with the impact of new technologies on form.

The studio is at the forefront of new computational design processes and robotic fabrication techniques.

We are focussed on how to develop and leverage these innovations to create intricately crafted forms.

12pm - 12.45pm - LUNCH BREAK 

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