Cutting Through the Noise

Part One

We're cutting through the noise architectural visual communication in the age of sensory overload and showcasing Michal Wiak from Wiak Studio and Taller Estilo Architectura projects.

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Taller Estilo Architectura

Talk topic: Lets talk about our projects

Description of talk:

Víctor Cruz, Luis Estrada, and Atahualpa Hernández, founded Mexican architecture studio Taller Estilo Arquitectura in 2004 in the city of Merida. They spent their early years moving from offices to apartments until they found their current headquarters: a converted pasta-tiled home just one block from Paseo de Montejo. Creating spaces that can only be described as an experiment in fusing art and science, these architects are united by a common philosophy: create spaces for 21st Century culture. Their works are either completely new, original creations or the product of recycling existing established structures weaving together pre-existing buildings with new ones, entrenched in a Latin-American context. Victor, Luis and Atahualpa believe that all materials have their own unique qualities, and it is an architect's calling to get the best out of them and expose it.

They strive to create architecture that is emotionally charged, that provokes and stimulates the 5 senses.

Michael Wiak

Wiak Studio

BIO: After earning his BArch in Architecture from Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, Michal relocated to New Zealand. There, he pushed the boundaries of architectural visualization while working with some of the key players in architecture and visualization industries. In 2020 he established Wiak Studio which currently operates between Poland and New Zealand working with clients from around the globe.

Talk topic: Cutting Through the Noise: Architectural Visual Communication in the Age of Sensory Overload

Description of talk:

In our era, where the bombardment of visual stimuli has become the norm, the task of creating memorable architectural images and connecting meaningfully with clients becomes increasingly challenging.

This presentation will tackle the challenge of communicating architectural ideas effectively.

It will journey through the domains of perception, cognitive understanding, and visual communication and will present essential guidelines on what to do and what to avoid when visualizing architectural projects, either working in-house or in collaboration with external visualization companies and artists.

The aim is to offer fresh insights that help to ensure our design narratives are not only noticed but genuinely appreciated.

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