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Part Two: 28 April 2022

In this session of Teulo Talks we are joined by Darren Petrucci from A-I-R Architecture USA and Theodore Kerdilis from k20 Architecture in Australia.

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CPD Points

20.00 NZ Registered Architects Board Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 1 Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2 + 3 Points 2.00 Australian QLD - NSW - TAS - WA Points 2.00 AIA - USA Points 2.00 Australian CPD ACT-SA-NT Points 2.00 RIBA - The Royal Institute of British Architects Points

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Event Description

11.30am - 12.30pm

Darren Petrucci

A-I-R Architecture


Darren Petrucci is an architect and professor in The Design School at Arizona State University where he served as School Director from 2005-2012. He is the Suncor Professor in The Design School, a Senior Sustainability Scientist in the Global Institute of Sustainability, and an Affiliate Faculty in the School for The Future of Innovation in Society, and an Affiliate Faculty in the Biomimicry Center. He is the founder and principal of A-I-R [Architecture-Infrastructure-Research] Inc. He received both a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s Degree of Architecture & Urban Design with distinction from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

His design thinking work focuses on leading, teaching, and consulting with collaborative transdisciplinary teams that work toward transformative design solutions to complex problems. Through his design work he focuses what he calls “Amenity Infrastructures” that facilitate the integration of pleasure, comfort, and convenience within new forms of public and private infrastructure and architecture.

He is a recipient of the New York Architecture League’s “Emerging Voices” award, the winner of a Progressive Architecture Award, a Record House Award, a National AIA Housing Award, Master of the Southwest Award, and two NCARB Prizes for excellence in teaching and practice. His work has been exhibited and published in numerous national and international books, journals, magazines, museums, and a TEDx conference.

Talk topic:

Darren Petrucci from AIR Architecture will talk about Hot Air! He will discuss some of A-I-R projects and take you through them in detail. He will share how the designs are formed by a multitude of factors like climate, nature, technology, materials and location. We will look at how the impact of the surroundings and environment impact the build.

12.30pm - 1.30pm

Theodore Kerdilis

k20 Architecture


Theodore Kerlidis is Co-Founder of k20 Architecture – one of Melbourne’s leading sustainable design-based studios specialising in community projects for government. In his role as Director of Design, Theo spearheads the firm’s design process where he and his team take their clients through a collaborative exploration of creativity to create places of meaning with carefully considered, individual design responses. His approach to projects is total immersion with outcomes and harmonious relationships carefully balanced. He believes in architecture that communicates, inspires, expresses identity, and encourages social interaction. For Theo, and k20 Architecture, sustainability— economic, social and environmental – is a way of life and is achieved through prolonged lifecycle and minimising human impact on the environment through eco-centric design.

Using the highly innovative new mass timber structure Eternity Life Residential as a case study, award winning architect Theodore Kerlidis will explore practicing an architect’s approach which considers context, materiality, building operation, end user and future proofing. The shift to green technologies and materials is paving the way for the future of sustainable development that will enable the concept of ‘green’ to go beyond buildings to how we create liveable, sustainable communities and cities.

Celebrating the ecology of the land, and using nature to shape the design, Eternity Life is multi-faceted and formidable building comprised of 61 apartments. With a gross floor area of 8,315m2 Eternity Life is a mass timber superstructure built entirely from upcycled timber. In addition, the building is entirely enveloped with timber panels crafted from beautiful, sustainably sourced black butt timber. Importantly timber represents less embodied energy than other construction materials like steel and concrete and contributes to the overarching eco-centric philosophy of this ground-breaking project. The project is ‘Land for Wildlife’ approved, and the adoption of ESD principles contribute to lower operating costs for residents and the achievement of an impressive 7.3-star NatHERS rating.

AACA competency and learning objectives:

  1. Design: Conceptual Design

3.2 Application of creative imagination, aesthetic judgement ans critical evaluation in formulating design options.

  1. Design: Schematic Design

4.1 Evaluation of design options in relation to project requirements

  1. Documentation: Detailed Design

5.1 Application of creative imagination and aesthetic judgement in producing a resolved project design

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