Artist impressions and Designing with a Specific Outcome

Part One

In this Teulo Talks CPD session, we will hear from Kelsea Crawford from Cutwork and Eric Jansseune.

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Kelsea is an American-British entrepreneur living in Paris and the co-founder / CEO of Cutwork, an award winning architecture and design studio specialized in building new ways to live and work. Cutwork was named among the Top-30 Cleantech companies in Europe and won the FRAME Award for Societal Innovation of the Year in 2020 for their breakout co-living project. Kelsea gave a TEDx on ‘The Future of Shared Architecture’ and was nominated for ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ in 2017. She is currently the French Ambassador of Co-Liv, the largest global association of co-living professionals.

Talk topic and description: "The Future of Living" and includes our analysis of the sociological trends influencing new ways of living and working that inspire our designs.

Eric Jansseune is an Engineer with Master degrees in Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering (Belgium). Eric is a NZ resident since 2005 and has been actively involved in solar energy projects in the fields of passive, active, hot water heating, space heating, swimming pool heating, solar power and solar cooling. Eric provides design, consulting and project engineering for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Solar Applications. Specialized workshops are an important part of Eric’s educational services.

Talk topic and description: Advanced Solar Hot Water...a No Brainer for NZ

The use of solar energy for the production of hot water is the most popular solar application worldwide.

Unfortunately there is a lot of scepticism and confusion in NZ towards the Solar Industry because of the on-going quality and low performance issues for decades. This workshop will demonstrate how to maximise the use of solar hot water systems with low maintenance and long lifespan that exceed 30 years.

In this workshop we explain how solar irradiation can produce the maximum of hot water. Different types of SHW will be explained with their advantages and disadvantages. A technical overview will show different system configurations, auxiliary components and back-up possibilities.

Design, sizing and installation requirements will be explained to obtain the most cost-effective SHW and achieve the maximum thermal performance.

This workshop will demonstrate how to implement solar hot water systems in new or renovated building projects.

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