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Judy-Lea Engel is Product Developer for floor and carpet specialists, Godfrey Hirst. This podcast session is a spotlight on GH Commercial, with a specific focus on crafting woven carpets and the evolution of carpet yarn.

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Today we are speaking with Judy-Lea Engel, Product Developer for international carpet and flooring specialists, GH Commercial.

In this podcast, we discuss how GH Commercial is really delivering on virtually every aspect of flooring. Judy Lea talks about how they work with clients to specify the best flooring solution for their project. We also delve into how architects and designers complement and complete their building designs through the use of great flooring.

One of the techniques GH Commercial is using is the crafting of woven carpets. Judy Lea tells us about the production process and what kinds of results clients can expect from these products.

GH Commercial works with a range of materials; among them, carpet yarn. Judy Lea tells us a bit about how carpet yarn has been used, traditionally, and how it has evolved into the material that you use today.

As the Oceanic subsidiary of the world’s largest flooring company, we find out how GH Commercial is supporting local manufacturing capability with the expertise of global networks and how they see the future of flooring and how it can contribute to more sustainable building practices.

A big piece of this sustainability puzzle for GH Commercial is around transparency. We find out the what the one practice or process that they wish more people outside the industry knew about with regard to sustainable carpet manufacturing.

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