We talk to Pia Steiner

From Springload

As part of Teulo’s spotlight on health and well-being, we’re joined today by Pia Steiner, People Experience Director at Springload in Wellington.

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She describes herself as a tech wonderer, risk taker, people enthusiast, co-designer, book connoisseur, kindness promoter, public speaker and employee activist.

Questions that we cover in this podcast with Pia:

  • Springload makes beautiful, usable, useful digital products and experiences that enable change for good.  What are some of the things that you’re working on?
  • What exactly does a People Experience Director do?
  • How does design change when you put people at the heart of your strategy?
  • We’re getting pretty used to hearing cautionary tales about technological advancements –  from the dangers of social media to the loss of jobs due to automation.  What are some good news stories about the spaces where humanity and technology meet?
  • You have deep experience in Diversity & Inclusion frameworks through previous roles at Meridian and Kiwibank.  What are some of the most meaningful improvements you’ve seen or implemented in the D&I space?
  • Curiosity plays an important role in your work.  Has your open-minded and adaptive approach ever lead to any surprising results?
  • You’re also Co-Founder of Canary Collective, a non-traditional consultancy which supports organisations to build a positive and inclusive culture.  What are some of the things that business leaders should be focusing on if they want to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their people?
  • You’re a self-described “kindness promoter”.  What are some of the ways you’re embodying this and how can the rest of us foster greater compassion in our lives and communities?
  • What’s next for you?
  • Any calls to action?  How can people learn more and connect with your work?
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