Weathertightness, Building Materials and Water Solutions

Part Two

Have you ever seen a product or building solution and wanted to pick the brain of the person behind it? This is your opportunity with a day of in-depth talks by industry leaders that you won't want to miss.

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Richard Miller



Richard Miller is Lead Architectural Advisor at Escea Fireplace Company. Richard provides education, support, and technical advice to architects and specifiers, and with a background in drafting and commercial interior design, Richard has a wealth of knowledge and experience-driven advice to share that considers both the finer design details and the big picture. He has worked collaboratively across thousands of residential and commercial projects in Australasia, but specialises in commercial and non-standard installation specifications, from unique bespoke designs, through to multi-level apartments.

Talk topic:

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent news about gas connections. What should we expect to see in that space?

  • Are there ways that we can successfully decarbonise the gas industry?
  • Can you share any insights on wood fires and clean air zones?
  • What kinds of materials can be used around Escea fireplaces?
  • How are tight energy envelope homes impacting the approach to heating?
  • What can you tell us about Mode fires?
  • How does the shift toward medium-density living change the way we think about heating?

Daniel Jakobs

Pro Clima Australia

Daniel Jakobs is a qualified master carpenter and construction engineer from Germany. With more than 20 years’ experience in high performance and ecological building, Daniel is the Technical Sales Manager for pro clima in Australia and New Zealand. With an in-depth knowledge of pro clima’s entire international product range and performance characteristics, he is able to develop pragmatic weatherproofing and airtightness solutions for any building type. Daniel is also responsible for the practical knowledge transfer and training of builders and tradespeople in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on the pro clima product range but also teaching skills necessary for building structures to world leading Passive House standard.

Talk topic: Flat Roofs that Work
Long run metal roofing in Australia and New Zealand if often built at 2 or 3 degrees pitch. Although the Australian Building Code, Australian Standards, the New Zealand Building

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