Thermal Protection, Interiors, Exterior and Flooring

Part one

Learn about why thermal protection, the envelope, interiors and flooring from Starke Windows and Doors Metwood, Resene Construction nad Jacobsen.

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Benjy Simmonds

Starke Windows and Doors

Talk topic:

Learn about why thermal protection and the envelope is more important now than ever before, and where the biggest issues are… and how to fix them!

Thermal Performance of the building envelope is one of the key determinants of occupant comfort and a feeling of pleasant ambiance… and windows are they key elements of the envelope!

Learn about why most of your heat is lost and gained through the windows, and how to control it

Learn how to “hack” the H1 new H1 requirements, and not only exceed the requirements but move right into the real of truly healthy homes

Learn about protecting the inside from the out; whether it be damaging UV, unpleasant overheating, or the frigid cold!

John Tolhurst


Talk topic: Resilient Flooring

This presentation can help you to:

  • Understand the different types of resilient flooring and their appropriate applications.
  • How to identify and select high-quality resilient flooring products.
  • Awareness of the maintenance requirements for resilient flooring.
  • Understanding of environmental certifications and ability to identify and request them.
  • Knowledge of proper installation methods.
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