Roofing, Waterproofing, Cladding and Flooring

Part One

Join us for a session on Roofing, Waterproofing, Cladding and Flooring at Teulo Ed.

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CPD Points

20.00 NZ Registered Architects Board Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 1 Points 2.00 Australian QLD - NSW - TAS - WA Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2 + 3 Points 2.00 Australian CPD ACT-SA-NT Points

Presented By

Teulo Ed

Event Description

Oliver Verdickt

Equus / Soprema

Oliver will discuss their waterproofing, tanking, coating and flooring solutions for Architects, Engineers, Property Managers and Contractors in the building industry. One system does not fit all – it is important to know what to specify and how to specify for particular projects. Oliver will take you through how Equus allow a system to be specifically engineered to a project’s requirements appearance and service conditions.

These include high-build exterior, textures, clear sealers, water repellants, clean room approved coatings and more!

GH Commercial

Judy Lea

Talk topic: The Physiology and Psychology of Floor Colours.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the effects of floor colour on the productivity, health and wellbeing of individuals.
  • Have a methodical approach on colour for each specific environment, from healthcare to education.
  • Make better decisions when choosing floor colours for different spaces to suit the purpose for which they are designed and increase the functionality of that space.
  • Understand the key principles of wayfinding

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