Teulo Ed: Resilient Design for Climate Change Adaption and Accessibility

Part Two

You will hear from Charles Hendricks from Tile Warehouse and Murray Durbin from Enveloped NZ. They will be discussing designing with the future in mind, exploring some exciting tile trends and looking at joinery and insulation.

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Event Description

Murray Durbin

Enveloped NZ

Talk topic: Energy Efficiency:

In his presentation Murray will showcase the wide range of joinery now available to our market, and explain how importing can be very efficient, and showcase recent and current projects. He will also provide an overview of the range of insulation products that are available and what is used for various applications.

Charles Hendricks

Tile Warehouse

Talk topic: Designing with the future in mind, exploring some exciting tile trends that are shaping the future of interior design.

Earthy Tones and Nature-Inspired Hues:
In 2024, tile design is embracing colour palettes inspired by the earth’s natural beauty. Here are some captivating options:
* Warm Brown Hues: These cozy tones work well for both floors and walls, creating a sense of comfort.
* Muted Greens: Reminiscent of tranquil meadows and lush woods, they’re perfect for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.
* Terracotta Revival: Rustic terracotta tiles add warmth and character to walls and floors.
* Soft Blues and Sunny Yellows: These colours evoke the serenity of the sky and the optimism of sunlight.

Takeaway: Use these earthy, nature-inspired colours to transform your home into a peaceful haven.

Bigger is Better with Large-Format Tiles:
The trend for large-format tiles is gaining momentum. Expansive dimensions create an air of refinement and elegance.
Ideal for open living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, large tiles offer a seamless, uncluttered appearance and convey a modern style. Plus, they’re easier to maintain due to fewer grout lines.

Geometric Patterns:
Geometric tiles continue to dominate design trends. Intricate shapes, hexagons, and chevron patterns add a modern and dynamic touch to floors. Whether in neutral tones or bold contrasts, they make a strong visual statement.

Material Choices:
Consider the following tile materials:
* Wood-Like Tiles: Durable and natural-looking, they add warmth to any room.
* Marbleized Tiles: Timelessly beautiful and exquisite.
* Stone-Look Tiles: Rougher in appearance but imposing and versatile.
* When in doubt, opt for neutral colours with minimal texture.

What is our choices today doing to the environment in the future?

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