Membranes, Weathertightness, Waterproofing, Acoustics + Water Solutions

Part Two

From groundbreaking construction solutions to rigorous testing protocols, join us on June 24th to discover how our lineup of industry leaders are setting new standards and ensuring the longevity and success of your projects.

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Dyann Stewart


Talk topic: Quality assurance practices for both residential and medium rise building facades.

Building facades are more than just the exterior skin of a structure; they are vital components that significantly influence a building’s performance, aesthetics, and durability. In this presentation, we will delve into the importance of ensuring high-quality facades, discuss the potential consequences of neglecting facade integrity, and explore the key steps involved in achieving and maintaining facade excellence. From design review and material selection to installation verification and ongoing inspections, we will cover best practices and real-world examples that highlight the value of facade quality assurance.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the relevancy of quality assurance practices for both residential and medium rise building facades.
  • Understand the consequences of poor facade quality and the benefits of quality assurance.
  • Identify the key components and best practices of facade quality assurance.

Alex Holly

Omega Windows and Doors

BIO: Alex has a background in architectural design and draughting, and more recently worked with building product manufacturers for around 6 years in technical/ business development type roles.

Alex is keenly interested in design detailing with a focus on buildability, the more complex and interesting a detail, the better.

In his spare time you can find him spending time with his growing family and tinkering with machinery in the shed.

Talk topic: Weathertightness and durability fundamentals, basis in E2

Weathertightness and durability fundamentals, basis in E2. Management of water generally and how we should be designing for a changing climate, with more intensity.

Weathertightness in the context of cladding and window units.

Update on the Omega 800 series with regard to product testing.

Glass choice and the impact on energy efficiency and also acoustics. What configurations perform best with regard to acoustic design.

Nick Moore

Saniflo Australia

BIO: Nick has been with SFA Saniflo for over 12 years and is currently serving as the National Business Development Manager in Australia. Nick has championed training and education. He has written 3 CPD courses for architects, hydraulic consultants, and plumbers. Additionally he has created the course content for the elective CPCPSN3026 Install Sewage pump sets included in the CPC32420 Cert 111 in Plumbing, this includes student workbook content, presentation materials and training/learning equipment.

Talk topic: Inground pump stations allow additional plumbing fixtures to be installed almost anywhere.

They are ideal for granny flats, tiny homes, larger family homes and commercial applications where waste storage back-up is essential in the event of power or pump failure. Using an inground pump station unlocks greater design flexibility when gravity drainage is not available or impractical, while also being cost effective. Inground pump stations allow building to be repurposed and converted to be more suitable for todays lifestyle.

Learning outcomes:

  • What are inground pump stations?
  • Why would they be needed?
  • How they differ from small-bore macerators, greywater pumps and lifting stations.
  • Pumping principles and applications
  • How they work
  • Rules and regulations

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