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From groundbreaking construction solutions to rigorous testing protocols, join us on June 24th to discover how our lineup of industry leaders are setting new standards and ensuring the longevity and success of your projects.

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CPD Points

2.00 Australian QLD - NSW - VIC - TAS - WA Points 2.00 Australian CPD ACT-SA-NT Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2 + 3 Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 1 Points 20.00 NZ Registered Architects Board Points

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Event Description

Greg Phillips


BIO: Greg is Allco’s Roofing Category Manager. Greg has 30 years’ experience in Building and Timber Industries in a wide range of areas. He has extensive knowledge of membrane roofing systems, particularly around TPO and Rubber.

Talk topic: Benefits of a recovery roof system over roof replacement

Learning Outcome:

By opting for Recover Roof System over replacement, building owners and architects can achieve a durable, efficient, and cost-effective solution that maximises the use of existing structures while enhancing overall building performance.

In the CPD you will:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of retaining and reusing existing roof structures.
  • Learn how the system provides long-term durability, weather tightness with minimal business disruption during installation.
  • Understand the importance of condensation management, re-pitch options, and warranty coverage.

Lucy Cable


BIO: Lucy Cable is the lower north island account manager at Autex Acoustics, looking after Wellington, Hawkes Bay & Gisborne.

Talk topic: Sound Materials – what goes around, comes around

The Sound Materials presentation by Autex Acoustics highlights the company's commitment to sustainability through innovative material choices and lifecycle design. The presentation addresses construction waste issues and showcases solutions like ReForm™ acoustic panels, the SpinFix™ mounting system, and Grid Ceiling Tiles. It emphasises circular design principles, recycling initiatives, and the importance of industry collaboration to drive positive environmental change.

Learning outcomes:

  • Environmental impact awareness: Understanding waste contributions and recycling opportunities in the construction sector
    Sustainable design ethos: Comprehending Autex Acoustics' principles and commitment to sustainability
  • Innovative solutions: Learning about ReForm™, SpinFix™, and Grid Ceiling Tiles – how they're closing the loop on waste, features and benefits, and applications

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