Flooring, Fractal Design, Kitchen and Cladding

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Learn about why Flooring, Fractal Design, Kitchens and Cladding are so important when it comes to building your home and commercial environment.

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Event Description

Neville Colbert

Tile Warehouse

Talk topic: Not All Tiles are Equal.

To fully understand tiles, we need to look back into history and the evolution of the tiles, there are benefits and uses for Natural Stone, Porcelain, and Ceramics.

  • What are the Unique attributes of each of these options and how to ensure a fit for purpose solution is selected not only based on design but more importantly durability?
  • How are tiles made and what is the key differences between Natural Stone, Porcelain, and Ceramics. The Quality of the raw materials used within the manufacturing process makes the deference to the final product.
  • What are the biggest factors to consider when selecting your next Tiles?

Joel Williamson

GH Commercial

Talk topic: Fractal Design

Fractals are the building blocks of many of nature’s patterns and have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and to provide benefits to physical health. Utilising fractals gives our eyes a break from the digital world and delivers the essence of nature to the built environment.

Discover the science founded over generations behind fractals, how they are found in nature and how to translate fractals in design and architecture. Uncover the power of adopting fractals in human centred built environments and the positive affects it has on building occupants, and how combatting stress can be achieved through this methodology.

Learning Outcomes :

  • Defining what a fractal is.
  • Understanding how fractals work in nature.
  • Understanding the positive impacts of fractals on the observer.
  • Understanding Human-created fractal designs.
  • Science based approach to adopt fractals in human centred built environments.
  • How to translate fractals into architecture and design.
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