Facades, Roofing, Weathertightness, Airtightness + Coatings

Part Two

In this CPD webinar you will hear from industry experts Stuart Wilson from Metwood and Shane Hart from Insol on all things Facades and Coatings.

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Event Description

1 - 2pm

Stuart Wilson


Talk topic: Warmth and beauty of timber but durability of aluminium

Metwood provides the warmth and beauty of timber, with the strength and durability of aluminium. Stuarts presentation will cover the process used to make Metwood, the 9 benefits of Metwood and then provide project examples of where it has been used throughout NZ.

2pm - 3pm

Shane Hart


Talk topic: Acoustic Design for Fa├žade Screening

Learning outcomes:

  1. When things go wrong
  2. How to control risks
  3. Relevant standards and guidelines

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