Cladding Performance, HVAC and Joinery

Part Two: 22nd February 2022

In this session we will hear from Stijn Van den eeden from Symonite Solutions on cladding performance, facades and materials and from Murray Durbin from Enveloped NZ on features and benefits of membranes.

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CPD Points

2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 1 Points 2.00 Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 2 + 3 Points 2.00 Australian QLD - NSW - TAS - WA Points 2.00 Australian CPD ACT-SA-NT Points 20.00 NZ Registered Architects Board Points 2.00 AIA - USA Points

Presented By

Teulo Ed

Event Description

1pm - 2pm

Stijn Van den eeden

Symonite Solutions

Talk topic: Facades / Cladding Performance

Stijn will discuss cladding performance, facades and materials used to ensure the solid performance for both commercial and residential builds. high-performing fa├žades: contemporary joinery and cladding solutions

2pm - 3pm

Murray Durbin

Enveloped NZ

Talk topic:

Cladding, wraps and membranes. Focusing on Adhero and the features / benefits of using these products in a build and how this helps the cladding performance.

Learning outcomes and objectives for AACA:

  1. Documentation: Documentation

6.2 Continuing coordination and integration of information and project material from relevant consultants, specialists and suppliers.

  1. Documentation : Detailed Design

5.5 Integration of materials and components based upon an understanding of their physical properties.

1.Design: Project Briefing

1.4 Identification of factors that may impact on client project requirements and objectives

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