Specialised calculations and simulations in the design process.

We talk to Julian Lienhard

Managing Director of Stuttgart-based structural engineering consultancy, str.ucture, and Professor at Kassel University.

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Julian Lienhard is Managing Director of Stuttgart’s str.ucture and Professor at Kassel University. He is a structural engineer with a doctorate from the University of Stuttgart focussed on bending active structures and is a specialist in lightweight structures and construction.

Julian’s work focuses on the principles of lightweight and resource-efficient structures. He explains what this look like in practice?

str.ucture’s work centres on a design process which creates structures and components that exceed the brief with minimal material and manufacturing effort. Julian explains how he is working with innovative materials and techniques to do more with less. Julian talks about some of the efficiency benefits of the lightweight design approach and some of the specialised calculations and simulations in his design process. He explains what role he sees lightweight and experimental structures playing in the future of the building industry.

He will touch on a few significant projects in progress at the moment including the History Museum Oberamt Strasse in Reutlingen and a Refugee Centre in Schönaich and how the work is progressing. In addition to his professional practice, Julian is an author and an academic. He explains how his teaching and research inform his professional practice and vice versa.

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