Circularity in the Building Industry

with saveBOARD

Paul is Co-Founder and CEO of Saveboard, a producer of low carbon circular building materials made from upcycled packaging.

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In this podcast we are speaking with Paul Charteris, CEO and Co-Founder of Hamilton- and Sydney-based building material producer, Saveboard, which is creating a circular economy through the use of upcycled packaging materials.

In this podcast Paul answers these questions below:

  • Can you start with an overview of the Saveboard product line and tell us a bit about how it’s produced?
  • How do Saveboard’s products perform when compared to other more traditional building materials?
  • Given the potential range of material inputs from packaging waste, how do you ensure product consistency?
  • Do you have any stats you could share around how much packaging Saveboard has diverted from landfill?
  • How about the carbon stats? Can you talk a bit about the carbon footprint of Saveboard’s products?
  • You offer a product stewardship programme for Saveboard products. How exactly does this work?
  • Why are closed-loop solutions so important for the building and construction industry?
  • What’s next for Saveboard?
  • Any calls to action? How can people learn more and connect with your work?
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