Rothoblaas Podcast

With Felix Scheibmair

In this podcast we speak with Felix Scheibmair, Managing Director of Rothoblaas New Zealand.

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Felix Scheibmair is Managing Director of Rothoblaas New Zealand. Rothoblaas is a multi-national company headquartered in Italy which offers a considerable range of products and solutions for designing and building with wood. They launched their New Zealand arm in 2021.

Questions we cover in this podcast:

  • Rothoblaas offers a huge range of products for all aspects of designing and building with wood. What are some of the solutions you’re providing?
  • What are the customer benefits of your one-stop shop approach to timber construction?
  • Are there also benefits for the business of operating in a range of different sectors?
  • Rothoblaas has its roots in Europe, with your headquarters located in the Alpine region of Italy. How are you leveraging the business’ deep, international experience to meet or exceed compliance and safety standards here in New Zealand?
  • With Rothoblaas now operating in 70 countries, what are some of the ways that you’re tailoring your offering for each market, and how have you approached your entry into New Zealand?
  • How is Rothoblaas prioritising sustainability in both its product offering and its business operations?
  • What’s next for Rothoblaas?
  • Any calls to action? How can people learn more and connect with your work?

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