Intumescent Coatings for Steelwork

Resene Webinar 14

From within the Resene Group of Companies, Altex Coatings Australasian Technical Services Manager Garth Moran joins us to give an overview on intumescent coatings.

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Garth discusses the primary driver of the use of intumescent coatings as well as the most commonly raised questions with regards to intumescent coatings which are covered in the Code of Practice including:

  • Standoff distances between intumescent coated steelwork and timber framing/cladding elements etc and some options on how to correctly design around.
  • Allowances for attachments to fire rated members.
  • Distance paint needs to extend along non-fire rated members i.e. coatback distance.
  • Who actually does the design and certification? If a fire engineer says 60/-/- is needed, then a general note on a structural drawing saying 60/-/- , what happens after that? What information is needed to construct an intumescent coatings schedule?
  • QA controls.
  • Tray deck gaps/Trapezoidal composite flooring – what is done here?
  • Maintenance and longevity of intumescent systems, corrosion vs protection of the intumescent
  • Moisture sensitivity – the importance of seal coats, weatherability during construction vs final commissioned state, the right product for the right environment!


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