Concrete Basics

Resene Webinar 11

Resene Coatings Technologies - John Kilby joins us to discuss the basics of concrete including what concrete actually is along with general construction methods and also issues that present themselves on occasion.

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As you'll see and hear, the world of concrete is actually more complex that it seems.

Topics include:

  • Concrete materials
  • Proportions and mixings
  • Concrete properties
  • Concrete floor slabs – compacting, finishing, curing, issues
  • Concrete floor slabs – preparation, coating, issues
  • Precast and insitu concrete walls – manufacture, levels of finish, coating
  • Masonry blocks – coating options


  • Webinar (PDF)
  • Concrete Basics - A guide to Concrete Practice  › PDF
  • CCANZ CP 01:2014 - Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction  › PDF
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