Fire Protection and Sealants

Part Two: 13 October 2021

We look at a proactive approach to your fire protection and compliance takes any uncertainty out of the equation. 

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Presented By

Peter Raimondo and NOTION

Event Description

1pm - 2pm

Antoni Rajwer

Pro Clima

Pro Clima will discuss their barriers and how they are fire retardant. 

Fire protection has been important to men and women from the dawn of time. Over the last 100 years, we have gained a better understanding of the prevention and management of fire in buildings. The presentation will go through a history of fire protection and some of the modern methods used to protect buildings and occupants from the damage fire can cause.

2pm - 3pm

Ash Barwood

Zone Architectural

FireZone timber systems

The fully water based, low VOC range of FireZone™ products, comprises of four core systems which both enable new construction and encourage the use of existing surfaces, to help with compliance. Most recently, FireZone™ F1E has been added to this range in response to a solution for boundary compliance on external weatherboards.

FireZone and Board and Batten are designed to achieve Group Surface finish requirements (1 / 1S / 2 / 2S/ 3) on an extensive range of timber substrates, including thermally modified and Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). The Zone team are passionate about timber as a renewable resource and the effects it has on the  built space for health and wellbeing. Using the FireZone™ range with no red list chemicals for fire treatment of timber, allows those design decisions to still include solid timber.

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