Passive House

Part Two

A great session to learn everything you need to know about high performance buildings.

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Lech Ozieranski


Lech’s presentation will be all about a COV19 FREE ZONE.

Green Solutions Ltd has become the agent for the Virobuster International GmbH, Germany

VIROBUSTER the world leading manufacturer of the air sterilisation equipment.

VIROBUSTER® has been a specialist in UV-C air hygiene since the 2003 SARS coronavirus epidemic.

We know the levels of efficacy, performance and safety required. With our patented UVPE1 technology, originally developed for the healthcare industry, we revolutionised the use of UV-C, meaning that we can offer a safe, highly effective solution that is proven to eliminate 99.99% of coronaviruses2. Today, our technology is in high demand in awide range of other industries.

Stijn van Deneeden 


“Contractor’s point of view: Why Passive House is not daylight robbery”

Simon Cator 

Pro Clima NZ Ltd 

Pro Clima have been advocating for Passive House for many years and they will discuss what they are doing as a company to educate the building and construction industry on high performing homes. 

Dimas Rodriguez and Denise 

Oculus Architectural Engineering Ltd 

Kaingaora Mangere Project

Kāinga Ora announces first Passive House development

Dimas and Denise from Oculus will talk about the first passive house development and go into detail on Oculus role within the project. 

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