Meet Jahmayne Robin-Middleton

An Architectural Graduate at Warren and Mahoney and champion for kaupapa Māori design

In this podcast we are speaking with Warren and Mahoney Architectural Graduate and champion for kaupapa Māori design Jahmayne Robin-Middleton.

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Jahmayne is an Intermediate Architectural Graduate at Warren and Mahoney where he has spent the last 4 years working, in particular, on providing Māori design leadership for large-scale civic and community projects.

The questions answered in this podcast:

  • The role of architects is continually evolving. How is your role as an Architectural Graduate different or broader than you might have expected when you came out of university in 2019?
  • How does that Architectural Graduate space offer unique opportunities to work alongside some of your idols while also connecting with next-generation design professionals?
  • A big part of the work you do with Warren and Mahoney is in partnership development with Mana Whenua. What are some of the key elements required to build design partnerships that are tika (authentic and true)?
  • You provide Māori design leadership for a number of Warren and Mahoney’s larger civic and community projects. Any particular projects you’d like to share with the Teulo community?
  • Any key takeaways from your collaborations with other Māori practitioners, or any upcoming collaborations you’re excited to share?
  • How can design be used as a tool to flesh out what matters most in a project?
  • You’ve said that the concept of reinstating ahikā (ancestral lineage) is central to your work. How can architectural projects be used as a tool for re-establishing the presence of displaced indigenous communities?
  • What’s next for you and Warren and Mahoney?
  • Any calls to action? How can people learn more and connect with your work?
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