The Intersection of Design, Technology and Fabrication

Part Two: 28 October 2020

All designers have workflows and if we evaluate them, they can be broken down into modular, reusable, chunks of processes. Lets learn more from our Teulo Talkers today.

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CPD Points

2.00 RIBA - The Royal Institute of British Architects Points 3.00 Australian CPD ACT-SA-NT Points 3.00 Australian QLD - NSW - TAS - WA Points 20.00 NZRAB Points

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Teulo Talks and DK

Event Description

11.30AM - 12.30PM

Perry Kulper

'Clues: a Practice Construction’

‘Clues’ will unpack a working background comprised of influences, hunches, flat out shots in the dark and outcomes toward constructing a spatial practice through architectural representation. Using examples of work, alongside references to a few key influences, ‘Clues’ will build a calculus of relational assemblies that point to developing spatial, representational, cultural and disciplinary participation. References and influences include curiosity cabinets, Robert Venturi’s ‘Complexity and Contradiction’, Wallace Stevens’ poem ’13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’, Jorge Luis Borges’ ‘Celestial Emporium of Celestial Knowledge’, Surrealism, Baroque painting and architecture, Robert Rauschenburg’s Combines and indeterminacy. Thoughts about relational assemblies, language prompts, analogous thinking, the naming problem, tailored visualizations, typological rebooting and inventive programmatic formulations will populate the margins. ‘Clues’ will game with influences and a cross-section of work, tracing a process of constructing a practice where an architect might need to be many architects—an amateur and detective lurking nearby. The talk will tickle possible practices while getting behind the scenes—under their metaphorical hood as it were, of a practiced (drawn) construction.

12.30PM - 1.30PM 

Michael Pryor 


Modulating your workflow

All designers have workflows and if we evaluate them, they can be broken down into modular, reusable, chunks of processes. Documenting your workflow helps you fine tune and understand it deeper. By converting your processes into reusable tools, your own workflow becomes more efficient and usable. These tools can then be mass distributed, empowering other designers to adapt and build on your workflow as well, further developing an ecosystem of ad hock tool makers and users learning and building off of each other. This mindset isn’t strictly reserved for scripting toolsets but can manifest itself in anyway of workflow sharing such as tutorials, file sharing, books, or any other form of method documentation. In this talk we will discuss documenting your workflow, compartmentalizing it, distributing it, and mixing it with other tools and systems as to not allow yourself to only be locked into the preset methods provided by the software or mediums you prescribe to. 

1.30PM - 2.30PM 

John Eastwood


John discusses CLT and the features and benefits of Mass Timber.

Learning outcomes and AACA competencies:

  • 4. Design: Schematic Design 
  • 4.2 Evaluation of design options against values of physical , environmental and cultural contexts. 
  • 4.3 Application of creative  imagination aesthetic judgement to produce  coherent design 
  • 4.6 Investigation and integration of appropriate material selection for the project design. 

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